Dried Herbs & Spices
Abbey Botanicals Herb Teas
Arrowroot Powder
RRP: £0.41
Chamomile Flowers
RRP: £1.34
Culinary Jasmine Flowers
RRP: £2.50
Lavender Flowers (edible)
RRP: £1.31
Nettle Leaf
RRP: £1.10
Raspberry Leaf
RRP: £0.86
Sichuan Peppercorns
RRP: £2.40
Welcome to Abbey Botanicals Premium Herbs & Spices

Abbey Botanicals are suppliers of premium quality loose raw ingredients including Culinary Dried Herbs, Spices, Gums, Curry, Spice Blends, Loose Leaf Teas, Herbal Teas, Dried Vegetables, Herbal Incense & Natural Flavourings etc to customers involved with home cuisine, herb crafts, natural cosmetics, metaphysics, home brewing etc to those who feel inclined to produce to their own recipe's.

In our catalogue you will find over 1500 combined items and pack sizes available in small sizes and bulk. Cinnamon, cloves, damiana and chamomile are some of the popular herbs and spices that most people will recognise. We also carry some of the more obscure culinary herbs & spices like kola nuts and mugwort herb. Or how about something like valerian root that smells like 20 day old socks that is commonly consumed as a tea.

We will shortly be including a tea/tissane section. Here we will offer loose leaf teas including green teas, black teas, natural fruit flavoured teas as well as handcrafted herb teas and natural alternatives to coffee. You will also find some of the latest popular teas like rooibos tea from South Africa and the rare white tea from China. If you prefer tea bags to loose leaf teas you will be able purchase these from our upcoming " tea bag" section or you will be able to make your own tea bags using our empty "press n brew" tea bags.

For our crafting customers we also offer a large selection of potpourri and cosmetic ingredients and natural scents.

In addition to our, premium loose herbs, herbal teas, cosmetic and potpourri ingredients we will shortly be offering large jars, small jars, aromatherapy bottles, food safe grip seal bags, blank labels, various tea accessories, tea strainers, empty tea bags both large and small, muslin herb bags and much more.

You will see some unusual and exciting additions to our ranges in the coming months so please bookmark us and see for yourselves the wondorous culinary, craft and cosmetic products unfold before your eyes all at value for money prices with discounts if you purchase in quantity.

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